I was the copy editor for the Offbeat Empire for nearly five years and I still contribute posts when I can. You can read all of my posts here, or go straight to my most popular one: How The Addams Family Does BDSM Right. I'm also contributing two chapters to the upcoming third edition of the Offbeat Bride book. 

I write movie criticism posts over on NetFlakes' blog. You can also listen to my episodes of the podcast of the same name here

I wrote a pamphlet for Pamphlets For The Apocalypse called Dining With The Undead: Etiquette For Today's Host

"It is a well-known fact about the undead that the idea of 'home' is near and dear to their still hearts. The undead must visit their former house before they can exist peacefully as undead -- banishing it from what's left of their consciousness -- but that doesn't mean that they can't enjoy exquisitely planned and executed candlelight suppers with entertainments."

In Dining With The Undead, author Caroline Diezyn takes the guess work out of entertaining some of the most difficult hosts--the Undead. While the world around us may have changed, Diezyn shows us how humanity's prevailing sense of manners and propriety can indeed survive any apocalypse. Raise a glass (or bottle) to toast yourself; with this handy book of etiquette, you're sure to be entertaining post-apocalyptically in style.