Yeah, I did. Why not? Look— I do a lot of shit.
— Lana Del Rey

I'm a writer, editor, instructor, and artist living in SW Ontario. I'm also a freelancer, a grad student, a teacher, and a small business-owner. I podcast about movies. I love powerlifting, kayaking, and cycling. Nice to meet you!

My research

I'm currently ABD in my PhD in English literature at Western University. My research interests include time, gender, American literature, the Atomic Age, the occult, film, and art. My dissertation is on time, gender, and witches in American literature and culture. 

My teaching

I've been teaching writing and literature since 2012 at the university level in London, Canada, and in Aix-En-Provence, France. I have a lot of experience teaching students for whom English is not their first language. You can see my CV here

My Writing and Editing

You can check out my writing portfolio, including my most popular viral post, How The Addams Family Does BDSM Right. You can also see my extensive editing experience here. 

My Art

I sell my art through my small business, Moon Of Retribvtion. My patches and stickers are available in boutiques around the world. My drawings and poetry are influenced by my PhD research interests. 

My Podcasts

I record two movie podcasts regularly with my friend Dylan Clark-Moore. Rattling The Cage is all about Nic Cage's oeuvre, and The NetFlakes Podcast is about movies on Canadian Netflix. Check them out!